About the Filming

While this DVD demonstrates a wide range of techniques, principals and training options, the ultimate goal is to introduce the viewer to the Fit to Fight® "way" of training.  The DVD is meant to be a training resource but not replace hands on training.

The entire DVD (except for the intro) was shot in a single take. Our goal is to demonstrate that fighting will never be "this then that" or "all you have to do is" or "this foot should be at that angle".

Course curriculum

Course Overview

  • Weapons

    Handgun, long gun, blunt object, and knife defense are covered. Also included are specific weapons of opportunity, such as hammers or scissors.

  • Over 2 Hours

    Over 2 hours of training: Warm-up drills for skill building, striking, wrestling, defensive techniques, live demos, and drills.

  • Complete Program

    This training resource is a complete look at the material needed. So those without much experience will learn the skills surrounding the physical weapon defense movements.

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DVD Chapter Outline

Chapter 1: Wrestling Drills
Chapter 2: Arm Drag & Russian Arm
Chapter 3: Hand Fighting
Chapter 4: Upper Body Strikes
Chapter 5: Lower Body Strikes
Chapter 6: Pistol Defense
Chapter 7: Pistol From the Front
Chapter 8: Pistol From Behind
Chapter 9: Pistol From the Side
Chapter 10: Pistol Defense Recap
Chapter 11: Pistol Threat Before Extraction
Chapter 12: Hostage & Kidnap
Chapter 13: Situational Awareness Drill
Chapter 14: Situational Awareness LV2
Chapter 15: Introduction to Knife Defense
Chapter 16: Knife Threat From Front
Chapter 17: Knife Threat to Throat
Chapter 18: Knife Threat to Back
Chapter 19: Knife Threat From Side
Chapter 20: Hostage/ Kidnap with Knife
Chapter 21: Ice Pick/ Overhead Stab
Chapter 21 Bonus: Traditional Krav Response to Knife
Chapter 22: Underhand Stabbing Defense
Chapter 23: Slashing Defense
Chapter 24: Straight Stab Defense
Chapter 25: Hand Fighting Drills with Knife
Chapter 26: Blunt Object Defenses
Chapter 27: Long Gun Threats
Chapter 28: Rifle Disarm from the Back
Chapter 29:Outro