Knight Jiu-Jitsu

A self-defense jiu-jitsu program through Fit to Fight®

Ground fighting as it relates to self-defense is plagued with push back from both sides of the road. Self-defense practitioners claim they "won't go to the ground" and jiu-jitsu practitioners feel the ground is the only answer. In between these two extremes is the reality that ground fighting skills are essential in a self-defense context. The Knight Jiu-Jitsu program bridges that gap with a practical approach to jiu-jitsu.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Course!

  • 2

    Clinch & Takedowns

    • Basic Standing Pummeling Drills

    • Body Fold Takedown

    • Essential Clinch Types

    • Hip Throw

    • Side Clinch Pick-Up Takedown

    • Small Outside Trip from Front Clinch

    • Takedown from Rear Clinch

  • 3

    Mount Position | Bottom

    • Trap and Roll Escape from Mount

    • Elbow Escape from Mount

  • 4

    Closed Guard | Passing

    • Standard Closed Guard Pass

    • Closed Guard Split to Knee Cut Pass

    • Toreando Guard Pass

    • Open Guard Knee Cut Pass

    • Straight Foot Lock from Open Guard

    • Street Fight Guard Pass

  • 5

    Side Control | Top

    • Mouse Trap Americana from Side Control

    • Forced Americana from Side Control

    • Far Side Arm Lock from Side Control

  • 6

    Side Control | Bottom

    • Replacing Guard from Side Control

    • Uphill Escape form Side Control

  • 7

    Mount Position | Top

    • Top Mount Controls

    • Americana from Mount

    • Straight Arm Lock from Mount

    • Americana to Arm Lock from Mount

    • Americana to Arm Triangle from Mount

    • Gift Wrap to Back Take to Rear Naked Choke

  • 8

    Back Mount Escapes

    • Early Escape from Back Mount

    • Late Escape from Back Mount

  • 9

    Half Guard Top

    • Standard Half Guard Pass

    • Ballerina Pass for Half Guard

  • 10

    Half Guard Bottom

    • Establishing Lockdown, Frames and Under Hooks

    • Taking the Back and Sweeps

    • Sitting to Butterfly Guard

  • 11


    • Standing Headlock Defense Connected

    • Punching Headlock Defense Standing

    • Escape from Connected Headlock on Ground

    • Punching Headlock Defense on Ground

  • 12

    Closed Guard Bottom

    • Closed Guard Details and Elevator Sweep

    • Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard

    • Scissor Sweep from Guard

    • Straight Armlock from Closed Guard

    • Arm Triangle from Closed Guard

    • Guillotine Choke from Closed Guard

    • Kimura Armlock

    • Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

  • 13

    Open Guard Bottom

    • Technical Stand Up

    • Double Ankle Sweep from Open Guard Bottom

    • Hook Sweep from Open Guard Bottom

  • 14

    Bonus Videos

    • Shirt Choke From Guard (1)

    • Shirt Choke to Standing (2)

    • Shirt Choke (Restricted)

Pricing options

Pay in full for unlimited access to the curriculum after the course. Monthly payments will also receive unlimited access UNLESS they are cancelled prior to the final payment.

What's Included

Over the next 12 weeks, you'll go step-by-step through the KJJ Level 1 Course

  • Curriculum Instructionals

    Each technique in the Level 1 curriculum is broken down and explained so that a student can gain a full understanding but also in a way that allows instructors to pass on the information to their students.

  • 2 Live Zoom Calls

    Within the course will be 2 Live Zoom sessions with Eli Knight. It will be a chance to train live and ask any questions you may have. The session will also be recorded and placed into your course.

  • Enhance Learning

    Quizzes are used bi-weekly to help gauge technique understanding. You also have the opportunity to submit videos for review and questions for Eli.

Course Begins May 21, 2021!

Course videos will be released weekly so you can train like you would taking a regular class.

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  • Do I need any experience?

    All experience levels will benefit from this course. Beginners will learn basics that specifically apply to self-defense situations. Advanced practitioners will find the value and street application of certain techniques vs. others.

  • Do I need to train with Eli or Fit to Fight® to join?

    Nope! This course is open to any and all affiliations. However, only Fit to Fight® affiliates will be able to officially certify with Eli at the in-person test following this course. If you want to be a part of Fit to Fight® and Knight Jiu-Jitsu, email

  • What's better for self-defense, gi or no-gi?

    That's a big question. The short answer is: both. They both have their place and both are covered within Knight Jiu-Jitsu. This curriculum focuses on no-gi training.

  • Do I need a partner?

    It definitely helps to have a partner to train the course with but it is not required. If you are training solo, pay close attention to details. A large portion of the course can be trained with a grappling dummy or large stuffed animal. At some point, we suggest finding a school or partner, but you'll have unlimited access to the course if that isn't an option currently.