Discover Counter Blade Tactics That May Save Your Life

Knives are the second most commonly used weapons in homicides in the US. They pose a particular concern as they are always live, they don't malfunction, they don't run out of ammo and they are weapons of convenience - many objects in the environment can be used as a sharp weapon.

Course Curriculum

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    Course Introduction

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    Course Curriculum

    • Warm Up Skill Building

    • Principles

    • Control positions

    • Standing Transitions

    • Takedowns

    • Threats and Attacks

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    Outro and Bonus

    • Outro

    • Bonus Knife Defense Drills

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EVERYONE with a knife has the potential to be deadly.

Edged-weapons rarely fail. Blades do not have a “line of fire”, as most of what is exposed is dangerous, and blades, once presented, are always live.

Edged-weapons, unlike firearms, are often weapons of convenience, gleaned from the environment during a violent encounter, and are therefore more prevalent: knife, screwdriver, scissors, pen, and more. The dirty little secret is, you do not need to be skilled with a knife to do massive damage. What you need, is intent.
Edge of Reality: Level 1